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Working at another place than the company office has never been so simple. Ten years ago, the COVID19 virus would have been truly disastrous for companies. Businesses and public authorities are moving quickly to online services. In most organisations digitalization is one of the top 3 transformation programmes, which requires a huge upgrade of IT, data, expertise and organisational skills.

Data now scattered across the world

These developments have created enormous data streams. IT systems are no longer located within the physical premises of a single company. More and more companies operate in cyberspace, sourcing their processes across different companies and within the cloud. This provides a big challenge to manage their data, that is now distributed ‘all over the world’.

Current data protection insufficient

While BigTechs and start-ups are far ahead in ‘setting the digital scene’, public authorities struggle to upgrade legislation to match the digital era. Local, regional and global differences in legislation, maturity, mindset and politics are big hurdles in a digital world that operates without borders. Clearly, old data protection mechanisms are insufficient for the disrupted digital world.
The key question is:

"How to keep track of your data and protect it, in a society that is digitally disrupted?”

More education required

Too many consumers, companies and public authorities do not yet completely grasp the impact of the digital disruption on data protection.
In this white paper, we focus on four important building blocks for the global world of data and data protection:
  1. Eco-systems
  2. Digital identities
  3. IAM-as-a-service
  4. The role of public authorities.

Still a long way to go!

The way forward for adequate protection of worldwide distributed data is long, complicated and challenging. To overcome those challenges many tools and solutions are available, but these often do not yet match the changing requirements of distributed data protection. Hence, consumers, businesses and public authorities need to be more aware of the risks and challenges involved in adequate data protection. Combined efforts are required to address those challenges!

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